Each year Rosetrees runs an Interdisciplinary Prize to stimulate collaborative research between Medicine and another discipline. We hope to stimulate exciting new breakthroughs that will have real potential to improve human health.

In 2014, the collaboration was with Engineering and Imperial College won the prize for their project ‘A Wearable In-Ear System for Continuous Monitoring of Brain and Body Functions’.

In 2015, the collaboration was with Chemistry and University of Cambridge won the prize for their project ‘Nanoparticle delivery of conventional and novel drugs for tuberculosis’.

In 2016, the collaboration was with Computing / Mathematics and UCL won the prize for their project ‘Barriers to successful CAR T-cell therapy in pancreatic cancer’.

This year the prize returns to collaboration between Medicine and Engineering. All institutions that have expressed interest we now eagerly await their applications and the decision of our review panel as to which project will be awarded the prize worth up to £250,000 over 3 years.

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