PhD Grant Applications

At Rosetrees Trust supporting researchers at the very start of their careers continues to be a focus of our research policy, giving students the opportunity to become future leaders in their fields.

Application Rounds

For grant applications of PhD studentships commencing in Autumn 2018, we have two separate rounds with deadlines as detailed below:

The round for stipends with a consumables allowance closed on Tuesday 31st October 2017 at 5 pm (applications accepted from 1st August 2017)

Application deadline for consumables only (where a stipend from a separate funding body has been awarded and only consumables are needed): Friday 30th March 2018 5 pm (applications accepted from 1st January 2018)


Stipend with Consumables applications: Grants are given for three years within the region of £5,000 to £17,500 pa for PhD stipends, and up to £7,000 pa for one to three years for consumables.

Consumables only applications: Applicants are advised to apply for up to £7,500 pa for one to three years.

Please note all applicants should have agreed with their Department / Institute that EU / UK tuition fees will be paid from in-house resources. Rosetrees Trust does not fund any tuition fees.

Please review the Guidelines for Applicants document below prior to making a submission:

Summary of Guidelines for PhD Applications

Making an Application

Please click on the link below to download an application form for either of the PhD rounds:

PhD grant application form

The requests made within the form regarding the information to include and how to present this, are there to ensure we can understand as best as possible what your research is about and give your proposal full consideration.

Please submit your application by email to, enclosing as separate attachments:

  • The completed application form
  • More detailed technical report (in scientific language for peer reviewers, maximum of 3 pages for the stipend round and 2 pages for the consumables only round)
  • A CV for the project supervisor (max 2 pages including a list of the most recent / highest impact publications) and student if known (max 1 page)
  • A short covering letter

We promise to acknowledge all the applications we receive.

After each deadline, all suitable PhD applications received will be peer reviewed by a scientific committee who will rank each project based primarily on the following criteria:

1) Is this a focused, coherent, and feasible project which can be completed realistically within the time-frame of a PhD studentship?
2) Is the methodology to be employed appropriate, timely, and will it provide good quality data?
3) Is the outcome likely to advance knowledge and understanding of human disease and / or advance treatment possibilities?

We will aim to inform applicants within 4 months of the closing of each round.

General Notes on PhD Studentship Grants

1) Applications received after the above deadlines will not be considered.

2) We will only consider a PhD project once in either the stipend with consumables, or the consumables only, round.

3) Rosetrees does not accept applications for PhD student projects that have already commenced. However we do accept applications from Clinical Fellows seeking to convert a 1-2 year Fellowship/MD into a full length PhD.

4) Studentships should begin in the forthcoming Autumn term / start of the academic year following the deadlines.

5) Any submission that is not eligible or the application document guidelines are not adhered to will not be considered.

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