Existing Rosetrees Projects

Rosetrees provides continuation funding to existing Rosetrees projects that need additional funding to complete or build upon current work. These grants must be for a minimum of one year and can be for a slightly higher amount than were for previously.

Our consideration of continuation funding is done at the trustees discretion. If you wish to request continuation funding, please contact us and our evaluation of your existing work will be the basis of whether we can encourage you to apply.

If we can consider further funding, we will send you a continuation application form for submission. This combines final reporting of the existing work together with the application for the new proposal. Continuation applications are considered in open competition with all other applications, they are subject to the same external peer review process and trustees approval as any new application. This means all new and continuation applications are discussed together and decisions on funding are based only on the merits of the projects compared with all others being discussed. Consequently we cannot guarantee a successful outcome even if we have encouraged the continuation application.

PhD extensions are awarded specifically for students that received funding from Rosetrees during their PhD. Extension grants can be awarded to cover 6 to 12 months, and are subject to discussion with the Rosetrees team.

Rosetrees Partners

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