Post-doctoral Grants, Pilot Projects and Other Project Grants

We award seed corn funding for researchers to obtain data, in order to apply for major grants from larger funders.

We also contribute funds to support post-doctoral researchers and larger projects.  These projects all enter the same funding stream with applications accepted throughout the year.

A pyramid approach is adopted to scale our funding to account for the track record of the projects that are presented and the researchers associated with them. Our typical funding scale is between £5,000 to no more than £20,000 a year, awards for first time applicants would tend to be in the bottom half of that scale whilst more experienced and proven researchers working on outstanding projects could be offered funding nearer the top end of the scale. Any request above £20,000 can only likely be considered if one of our co donor partners contributes with us.


Applications for funding of these grants can be made at any time of the year.  On receipt of your application, if suitable we will immediately request at least two external peer reviews. When we have received this feedback, and assuming it to be favourable, we will prepare your application for discussion at the next scientific committee meeting. These take place every 2 months towards the end of January, March, May, July, September and November. We advise that the peer review process can sometimes take a couple of months plus to be completed, although outside of our control we do our best to turnaround your application as quickly as possible.


Between £5,000 and £20,000 a year for one to three years.


Further information on the suitability and eligibility of your proposal can be found in our summary of guidelines –excluding-PhD grants.

Making an Application

Please click on the link below to download an application form for any of these grant types:

Application form

We ask you to complete the form as concisely as possible but with enough detail for us to understand what your research is about – this is best achieved by answering in simple lay terms.

Please submit your application by email to, enclosing as separate attachments:

  • The completed application form
  • More detailed technical / scientific report (any format but ideally no more than 5 pages so not to overburden the peer reviewers who we send this report to)
  • A more detailed cost breakdown showing how the funds requested will be spent
  • A CV for the project supervisor and the main named researcher, including or as a seperate list up to 5 highest impact / most relevant publications if applicable
  • A short covering letter

We promise to acknowledge all the applications we receive.

General Notes

Payments can only be made to academic institutions and not to individuals.  Applications should be made by the research team, and Rosetrees prefers not to fund through charitable foundations.

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