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Grant Funding for Medical Research – Guidance for Applications

Our funding supports the brightest minds in medical research to hasten discoveries that will provide cures or improve medical treatment. We support research into all aspects of biomedical science, by researchers with the most innovative and exciting ideas.

Rosetrees Trust will help with the cost of salaries and consumables (but not equipment or tuition fees), and typically funds, but does not limit itself to, projects based in Great Britain that are covered by the following categories:

1) Early career scientists: part-funded PhD studentships, MBPhDs, Clinical Fellows 

2) Pilot studies: Seed corn funding to obtain data to apply for major grants from larger funders.

3) Project grants: part funding of projects, postdoctoral fellowships and cross discipline research 

4) Continuation funding and PhD extension grants (invitations by Rosetrees only)

Please note if you are considering submitting a cancer application. Due to the large number of applications Rosetrees is currently receiving, we will have to be extremely selective in terms of the cancer projects we can consider and very few will receive support. Only those that score top (grade 1 – top 5%) peer review scores will be considered, so please bear this in mind before deciding to submit an application.

To download further guidelines and application forms click here.

General Notes on Application Procedure

Rosetrees provides support for salary and consumables which are directly related to the running of the project, including reagents, materials and animals costs. We do not provide funding for equipment, fees, overheads or travel.

Rosetrees reserves the right not to process your application if you are ineligible to be an applicant or the subject of your proposal does not fall within our remit, Rosetrees willingness to consider the application in no way implies that support will be forthcoming.

Please note Rosetrees receives a high number of applications and sadly due to budgetary constraints it cannot fund every project regardless of the outcome of peer reviews. Rosetrees reserves the right to make the final decision on which projects it chooses to support.

If there are any ties on intellectual property rights or publications arising from the research you undertake, please contact the Rosetrees Trust for advice. Restrictions on intellectual property may affect your eligibility to apply to the Rosetrees Trust.