Far the past two years, Rosetrees’ supporters, researchers and staff have joined forces to take part in the British 10K run to raise money for medical research.  The Vitality British 10K Run is one of the world’s greatest road races, through the heart of central London passing many of the Capital’s truly world class historic landmarks.


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The #RunforRosetrees campaign has raised nearly £10,000 for mobile health research at Imperial College London, which aims to develop an ear piece that will transform traumatic brain injury monitoring and medical care for all.

Currently for diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, an EEG test is carried out to measure brain activity.  This involves a bulky head cap (see image below),  which is restrictive and costly.


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The research team, led by Professor Danilo Mandic, are developing a hi-tech in-the-ear device for discreet and continuous monitoring of brain and body functions after traumatic brain injury. Until now, there have been no suitable recording devices for the immediate aftermath of a head injury, which is critical to the correct assessment and treatment for recovery.

This technology could also provide a simple and easy way for everyone of us to monitor our state of health, including pulse, respiration, temperature and movement. Immediate action could be taken if physiological abnormalities are detected, such as obstructed breathing, signs of stroke and stress levels. This could transform medical care!

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Rosetrees is delighted to be supporting this ground breaking research and providing the seed corn funding to enable the prototype to be progressed to a stage where patient trials can be started.



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