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“The Rosetrees Trust is a very efficient organisation that is run along the lines of a successful business”. Professor Athanasou

Their funding strategy has given me the freedom to generate essential proof-of-concept data that has been used successfully to leverage substantial grant income from other funding agencies”. Professor Greenwood

“Rosetrees Trust is an outstanding organization – they were responsive at a crucial stage of our research, and have since taken a personal interest in our progress”. Professor Sheer

“Rosetrees funds cutting-edge, innovative research and is almost unique among charitable research foundations in being so highly motivated, well run and personally interested in the medical research that it supports. This is a combination that fosters good medical and scientific research and provides the best chance of making significant progress in understanding and treating disease”. Professor Athanasou

“Rosetrees have been genuinely interested in the scientific progress made as a result of their contribution to scientific research in the area of gene discovery for novel autoinflammatory diseases in children, studies which would have been virtually impossible to undertake without their input”. Dr Brogan

“I particularly like the Trust’s business based approach to supporting and monitoring research”. Dr Tribe

“We have a real sense of partnership with them in advancing our discoveries on children’s cancer. Without their support, we would not have been able to continue our research”. Professor Sheer

“We have formed a very interactive relationship with the Rosetrees Trust. I have met regularly to discuss progress and it is clear that they are enthusiastic and fully engaged with the aims of our research”. Dr Tribe

“Particularly inspirational is the light touch in terms of associated bureaucracy required to secure funding, and other funding bodies should take note of the approach that Rosetrees have developed in collaboration with the scientific community”. Dr Brogan

“In addition to providing funding, the Rosetrees Trust have shown a real interest in my career progress. I have found that their unique approach to supporting science has made a real difference, enabling medical research which otherwise would not have been possible”. Dr Gale

“My experience of working with them over this time has been very rewarding in many ways”.”Their support in all these ways was very personal, and somewhat different to that one gets from other, usually larger, funding agencies”. Dr Mudher

“Rosetrees has a unique, no-nonsense and refreshing approach and fill an important void in the sector. Moreover, their interest in my research is genuine and, most tellingly, I have yet to meet a recipient of their funding who does not share these sentiments”. Professor Greenwood

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