Issue 8- October 2014

Posted on: November 10th, 2014

Rosetrees passes £200m for medical research!

Rosetrees’ strategic approach through its carefully selected seed corn funding for world class medical research has led to over £200 million of follow-on major grants and co-donations.  This is an increase of £180 million since 2009 and reflects the high quality of research and its growing club of co-donors .

Major grants thermometer 

We are well on the way to the target of £1 billion by 2040. With your help we can be there sooner, which means earlier treatments and cures.

Congratulations to our researchers and our heartfelt thanks to our loyal supporters for their continued support.

Rosetrees Joins the Association of Medical Research Charities

Rosetrees is delighted to have been invited to join the UK’s largest umbrella group for biomedical-research-funding charities. We take our place alongside the Wellcome Trust and a further 125 members that spend over £1.3billion a year on medical research.


Rosetrees raises over £8000 for its first ever crowd funding project


This appeal was to raise funds for a research project led by Professor George Dickson into potential drugs for FSH muscular dystrophy. Rosetrees initiated an online campaign and received a fantastic response to what is a devastating muscle wasting disease, raising over £8000 from many people across the globe, including donations from South Africa and the United States.

This is both an example of Rosetrees supporting projects with many modest donations and a demonstration of the power of social media. Rosetrees will be looking to run further online campaigns in the future.

If there is a particular illness you would like to fund research into, why not become the initial donor to the project making the first donation and then help us to raise the funds required for the project.


Spreading the word

Richard Ross spoke about Rosetrees at a community gathering in Bushey, Hertfordshire.  A guest approached Richard to say she was celebrating her Golden Anniversary and would ask for donations to Rosetrees, rather than personal presents.  We are delighted to say this brought in over £550 for research.

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