Issue 5 – Winter 2013

Posted on: January 10th, 2014

Landmark Project To Crack Lung Cancer 

Rosetrees funding gives Professor Charles Swanton springboard to one of the largest lung cancer grants ever awarded by Cancer Research UK

TRACERx, (Tracking Cancer Evolution through Therapy (Rx)), is the first cancer evolutionary study and the largest of its kind that will map out genetic changes in lung cancer over time.

The £14m Rosetrees / CRUK clinical study will enable researchers to understand why lung cancers spread and become resistant to cancer drugs.

It brings together over 65 lung cancer researchers, including oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, laboratory researchers and technicians across the UK. Researchers will take samples of the tumour following surgery of 850 lung cancer patients and subsequently if the disease recurs.

Using Rosetrees funding, Swanton has been able to demonstrate in certain tumours, cancer cells harbour more differences than similarities. Taking a sample or biopsy from just one part of a tumour may not give a full picture of its genetic diversity. His work has been picked up by The BBC

The project has been such a success that Rosetrees is funding the second phase of TRACERx – DARWIN Clinical Study Program. A Rosetrees Clinical Fellow will be involved in the analysis of the samples that will enable patients with non small cell lung cancer to access the latest clinical therapies.

Please click here for the full story on our website

Other News:

  • Over £150m of major grants and donations has been raised for medical research from Rosetrees seed corn funding approach to philanthropy. Rosetrees researchers have received £7m in donations and over £145m from major funding bodies. We are well on the way to reaching our target of £1bn for medical research by 2037, and would like to congratulate our researchers and thank our donors for their continued support.
  • Richard Ross was featured in the November issue of the Estates Gazette focusing on his passion for philanthropy.
Richard Ross, Ingrida Tverijoniene, Sam Howard, Richard Miller, Berwyn Rutherford, John Samuels
From left to right: Richard Ross, Ingrida Tverijoniene, Sam Howard, Richard Miller, Berwyn Rutherford, John Samuels

As 2013 draws to a close, Rosetrees has seen a year where its researchers have made exciting breakthroughs, received major follow on grants and taken their cutting edge research forward. Rosetrees is funding more research projects than ever before working with inspiring co-donors but we need your help.

To this end, Rosetrees has added a Donate Page to its website. Please tell your family and friends. We are not a fundraising charity and so you are our advocates. We need to spread the word and with your help we will fund more outstanding young bio-medical researchers.

Please get in contact if you have any comments and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The next newsletter will be in early 2014 and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

The Rosetrees Team

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