Issue 4 – Summer 2013

Posted on: November 4th, 2013

Rosetrees researcher Dr Rachel Batterham makes major breakthrough!

Rosetrees researcher Dr Rachel Batterham (above) who is a Reader in Obesity at University College London, has made a major breakthrough, which has been picked up by leading media outlets including The BBC and The Daily Mail.
Dr Batterham has shown that the appetite of two people eating the same food is different. One will have eaten sufficiently whilst the other will want more food because they have a genetic variant, which prevents them from feeling full up and entices them to eat fatty foods.

Drug therapy will have an enormous impact reducing obesity, made possible by Rachel’s research. 

Other highlights of 2013 have included:

  • Over £139m in major grants and donations has resulted from Rosetrees seed corn funding. We are well on the way to £150m and would like to congratulate our researchers and thank our donors for their continued support
  • Ground breaking discovery by one of our funded researchers Professor John Greenwood that could tackle major diseases
  • Richard Ross featured in the Sunday Times Giving List article entitled “A £2bn fortune for good causes” (below a big photo of the band One Direction!)
  • Rosetrees is delighted to welcome Professor Jim Owen, our second professor, to the Rosetrees team as Scientific Adviser
  • We have set up our new YouTube channel – please click here to see our latest films and keep up with all the goings on at Rosetrees

At Rosetrees our focus is on supporting the best cutting edge bio medical research. We are a small foundation using business principles to drive forward our charitable aims. We support the most innovative researchers doing the most advanced work without regard for the short-term profits of business, or the bureaucracy of large organisations.

In addition to Dr Rachel Batterham’s breakthrough featured above, the first half of 2013 has seen other Rosetrees’ researchers make dramatic progress. Dr Paul Brogan has pinpointed a life-saving treatment for 2 siblings with Candle Syndrome, using next generation gene sequencing analysis to discover faulty genes. Professor Charles Swanton received a £13m grant from Cancer Research UK, the largest single grant ever, following 6 months of research funded by Rosetrees and a co-donor. Professor John Greenwood has discovered a protein that encourages the growth of “bad” blood vessels characterised in cancer, age related macular degeneration and rheumatoid arthritis. We will cover these exciting developments in future newsletters.

We have also seen more donors join with us to support Rosetrees’ researchers and we hope that you will join with us in the second half of 2013.

Thank you for reading our latest newsletter. As always we welcome any comments and if you wish to get involved please contact us here. Don’t forget you can find us on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Wishing you a sunny Summer,

The Rosetrees Team

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