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Rosetrees is a private family foundation established to support research into medical illnesses

Rosetrees is a private, family funded charity, formed in 1987 to support medical research.

Rosetrees provides grants to fund outstanding research projects across all areas of human health and disease.

Join us to support the best research and help bring a cure or treatment closer.

Rosetrees 2017 Interdisciplinary Prize Winners Announced

Rosetrees is delighted to announce that the joint winners of the 2017 Interdisciplinary prize are Edinburgh University and Hebrew University, Jerusalem. The theme of the 2017 Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Prizes is to promote collaborative research between medicine and engineering. This year the quality of the applications was outstanding and it was not possible to pick one winner. Dr. James Dear and Dr. Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas will lead the team at Edinburgh University who will develop a prototype device to rapidly diagnose drug-induced liver damage. At Hebrew University, Professor Yaakov Nahmias and Professor Nir Friedman will model the circadian dynamics of human metabolism using an advanced organ-on-chip platform.

Please read the news post for full details ….

Rosetrees would like to thank the 18 runners who took part in the 2017 Virgin Sport British 10K run on Sunday 9th July and raised over £3,000 in the process. All the money raised is being put towards an outstanding project Rosetrees is supporting into improving the genetic diagnosis of inflammatory disease and arthritis in children.

Please read the news post for full details ….

2017 10k Run

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